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Eutaw Place Gardens & Fountain

Eutaw Place Gardens & Fountain Featured in the Baltimore Sun
(Susan Reimer has mentioned our award-winning project on Eutaw Place in her blog)
 Eutaw Place         Eutaw Place median garden Eutaw Place garden renewal
(Photo credit: Baltimore Sun/Gene Sweeney)
The landscape plan for the restoration of the Eutaw Place median gardens in Baltimore City was designed by Carlo VanGrieken, who is an active member of the Bolton Hill Garden Club, which executed the restoration
In the center bed, a blend of colors and textures are used that compliment the other blocks in the median but stand out from the rest. Hardy plants that grow well in an urban environment are used. For example, red Knockout roses are used  in other blocks. While Knockout roses were also the choice for this block, white and yellow were chosen, which are less commonly used.
The roses are complimented with crimson bayberry to add a touch of dark red. Perennial salvia was added for a touch of purple/green, and juniper bush were installed for texture – and the fact that it will eventually grow over the sides of the garden wall and will add a backdrop for the black-eyed Susans. Complimenting the black-eyed Susans is faux holly.
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