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2011 Greenspace Grants

Project Name Project Location Requestor Project Detail Amount Granted
Atrium Association Lion Park Carol Hylton - Atrium Assoc. Remove old shrubs and install 23 Euanymus shrubs in their place. Location is the entrance from Lanvale on the south side. $837.00
Sumpter Park Planters Sumpter Park Ellen Joyce Plant and mulch 2 planters and 4 tree wells in the park with grasses, native plants and ground cover.  Mulch the 1800 and 1900 medians of Eutaw Place. $420.00
700 Block South End of North Ave Maple Leaf Park Thelma Harrington - Friends of Maple Leaf Park Plant knockout rose bushes at the entrway cut of Maple Leaf Park. $700.00
Grass Seeding Project Maple Leaf Park and Sumpter Park Jason Goscha Improve grass cover in the main field of Sumpter Park and along the park perimeter.  Also, the area along the brick wall of Maple Leaf Park will be reseeded. $233.38
Fitzgerald Park Fitzgerald Park Justin C. McArthur Plants and ground cover to prevent weed overgrowth $450.00
Purchase Street Tree 238 W. Lanvale Bobbi Hahn Replace street tree in front of 238 W. Lanvale that fell over in Dec. 2010. $325.00
1400 West Madison Project 1400 West Madison Juanita Curtis Plant liriope in 13 tree wells on Madison Ave. $100.00
Lanvale Triangle Lanvale & Rutter Debbie Healy Install perennials and shrubs in Lanvale Triangle.   $243.00
Sun Loving Plants for John St. Park John St. Park Christine Pentino Replace linden tree, install perennials in John St. Park. $765.00
Sumpter Park Community Space Sumpter Park Mary Consugar on behalf of Friends of Sumpter Park Add dirt, pavers, drought tolerant native plants, and mulch according to the design created by neighborhood planners to make the large fenced in area in Sumpter Park more usable as a community gathering space.   $950.00